Viska (Indo)

  • Escort Girl Name : Viska
  • Nationality : Indonesia
  • Age : 22
  • Weight : 48kg
  • height : 167cm
  • Body : 34-23-35
  • Language : English , Malay
  • Whatsapp : +601172638979
  • Call : +601172638979
  • About Viska :

Viska is one of our favorites and you can see why. This lady has the full package, young, perfect body, petite, and extremely sexy. You are going to find it hard to keep your hands off her. Take it easy with her as you have all the time in the world to explore each inch of her beautiful toned petite frame. Right, let us get down to why you are really here. It is that time of the day and you need a very horny woman to unwind with. Viska is perfect, this 22-year-old minx will do exactly as she is told to do so. A man who likes to take control is the perfect companion for her. You don’t have to be that romantic with Viska as she is a little firecracker and she apparently goes like a rabbit between the sheets.

Viska does enjoy another woman to join her and she is a full-on lesbian, you will have your work cut out with her and her bestie. Make sure you can satisfy them both and the more you power drive them the more they will love you. Viska has been in the big city for almost a year now and she was previously in a small village, since being in the city she has matured well and she knows what is expected of her. Viska first started to enjoy sex from an early age so she has developed some very sensual skills, what turns her on the most is the man who likes to make use of his tongue, use it anywhere on her and she will cum all over you in a flash. Definitely the best entertainment and fun factor around the moment. Just remember her name the delicious Viska.

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